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Home Selling Expenses

Are you thinking about selling your home in Phoenix or the surrounding area? If so, you’ve most likely given some consideration as to how much it’s going to cost you to get your home ready and to move through the stages of a sales transaction. In this post we’ll share some insight in to the various expenses that you may incur when you sell your piece of Greater Phoenix real estate.

Home Selling Expenses

Upgrades to Boost Your ‘Curb Appeal’

While you’ll want to avoid going overboard with renovations prior to listing your home up for sale, there are a few high-impact upgrades that can boost your curb appeal and the first impressions that your home provides. Consider a fresh coat of paint and a new front door and fixtures to spruce up the front face of the home. If possible, have your home landscaped to highlight the size of your yard and any physical features that stand out on your land. Don’t forget to ensure that the roof and garage are looking clean and well-maintained.

Selling Your Home Basics

Professional Staging Can Provide a Huge Boost

Depending on the condition of your home and the amount of competition you’re facing from other homes in your community, you may decide that professional home staging is a worthwhile investment. Staging can provide major benefits to a home sale, improving the pictures in your listing and impressing potential buyers who visit your open houses. However, if your home is already tastefully furnished and is ‘sale ready’ you may decide that professional staging isn’t required.

Early Inspection Can Help Prevent Any Surprises

Although paying to have your own home inspected isn’t mandatory – this is a cost generally picked up by the buyer – you may want to consider investing in it anyway. A ‘pre-sales inspection’ is a great way to uncover any issues with the home, such as structural damage or pest problems that you weren’t aware of. Whether you have owned your home and property for a few years or a few decades, there is always the potential that some small issue has grown into a major one behind the scenes. It’s better that you find this out before a potential buyer does.

Closing Costs Once the Sale is Finalized

Once you and your buyer have come to an agreement and you’re ready to finalize the transaction, there are a few final ‘closing costs’ that you’ll need to take care of. You may have escrow costs, transfer taxes, home warranty costs, moving costs, the title company’s fee, and of course you’ll need to pay the real estate agent that helped you sell your home. Depending on your agreement with the buyer there may be other costs involved, and these are typically determined during your negotiation.

If you would like further insight into the expenses you’ll incur when you sell your home, or if you would like to discuss the sale of your home in the Greater Phoenix area, we’re happy to assist. Contact the Daniel Montez Real Estate Group today at (480) 269-6060 or if you prefer, you can send us a quick email through our contact form here.

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