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How to Sell Your Home with Pets in Mind

Selling a Home in Phoenix AZSelling a home can be an exciting yet stressful time, not only to property owners, but also to the residential pets who witness changes in their environment. However, by following a few simple guidelines while going through the process, pets and owners alike can survive the adjustment comfortably.

A Pet Friendly Home

If you have a pet, preparing a home to put on the market requires a few extra considerations. Many potential buyers visiting the home will also have pets and envision them in the home. However, this may not be the case. Start with the outside yard, as this area provides the first impression to a potential buyer. Make certain that holes are filled completely. Damaged plants from pets should be replaced, keeping pets away from the new foliage until the house is off the market. Check your deck or porch as well as fences for chew marks and repair by sanding and painting or staining. The interior must be checked as well for chewing damage. Pay close attention to doors, carpet, windowsills, screens and furniture. Be on the lookout for scratches that you may have grown accustomed to and repair. Look for carpet stains as accidents do happen and immediately remove these. If the carpet area is beyond hope, replace it as well as the padding since smells have a tendency to linger and this is one of the biggest deterrents for buyers.

Selling Your Home Basics

Showing Your Home and Not Your Pets

Even if potential home buyers are animal lovers, having cats or dogs roaming through your home during a visit can be distracting. If your schedule is busy and you cannot run home to take your dogs on a walk during showings, consider finding a doggy-day care or pre-planning with your realtor about indoor cats. Having strangers in the home may upset the pet so having a set plan is always a good strategy. Make sure the pet is accustomed to the kennel so this does not add stress. Alternatively, have a crate or fenced in outdoor area set up out of the way in order for your pet to calmly be at the house during a showing.

Keeping the Stress to a Minimum

Selling a home is stressful for pets as well. Not only are strangers coming in and out, but the move itself can be traumatizing if not done properly. Make sure to pay extra attention to your pets throughout this process and go out of your way to make showings as strategic as possible. Several realtors like ourselves love our animals and want to help home sellers make an easy process out of selling a home with pets in mind. And don’t forget that exercising your pet throughout this process always makes everything easier. It gives them the chance to tire themselves out and stay calm.

Preparing for a home sale with a pet is far from impossible. Taking steps to mask the fact that a pet is in residence in your Phoenix home may help for a quicker sale. By making simple repairs on the inside as well as the out and by removing evidence of pet damage, a home can be marketed successfully leaving you and your pet to enjoy your new adventure. For more information about preparing your home to sell please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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