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2014 Springtime is the Time to Sell

Gilbert AZ Real Estate MarketGilbert, AZ is an area that has been experiencing an increase in construction, health care and other well-paying jobs. Sellers can take advantage of these trends by being well-aware of what buyers are looking for and making any necessary changes to accommodate this market. Closely watching trends in pricing that have changed among neighborhoods will give sellers a better idea of what they need to do, but overall the market is ready for sellers this spring!

How Current Trends Affect Sellers

The immense number of home sales that occurred in the past few months emphasize just how many people are looking for housing. Many of the professionals who are attracted by local jobs have children and want to live in Gilbert because of the good schools and community atmosphere. Because most neighborhoods are close to at least one school, anyone who needs to sell a house here will have a great chance of attracting interested buyers.

There is a healthy supply of new construction, but there is still a relatively low inventory of pre-owned homes. You have the opportunity to recoup your equity this spring with pricing higher than the averages in 2013. The gap between actual purchase price and the asking price is fortunately beginning to close. However, this does not change the need for sellers to prepare their homes to sell. It does help for sellers to make some changes that are likely to attract buyers. Some of the seemingly small changes that home owners can make include:

  • Repainting both the inside and outside of the house
  • Updating kitchen appliances
  • Fixing up any cracks in the driveway
  • Fresh landscaping can give a home a brighter appearance
  • Clear all countertops of clutter and clean closets out to show extra space

New paint jobs often bring fresh life into older homes. This gives everything the appearance of being new. Buyers in an area with as much new construction as Gilbert want to see pre-owned houses have the same quality of upkeep as new construction. The desert landscape around the area is a major attraction for many people buying a house. When yards are properly landscaped to fit in with the surroundings, it appeals to many buyers who have moved to the area because of their desire to live in this setting.

What Do Buyers Want?

One of the things that helps sellers in the long run is getting a clearer picture of what buyers are looking for when they purchase a home. Sometimes homeowners receive inspiration from seeing photos of homes that have recently sold.

Buyers this spring want choices. For some time now homeowners have been reluctant to list their homes because of home prices or inconsistencies in the market. However, the market is beginning to trend towards predictability yet again. Prices are on a slow incline and homeowners can depend on a price that is much more agreeable than this time last year. This is a fantastic time to sell because buyers are looking for more choices and want to buy now instead of down the road when prices may be higher.

Sellers who put their Gilbert homes on the market this spring have a good chance of selling for a price that is closer to what they want. Though some homes have seen a decline in listing prices, most property owners are only seeing modest drops in price. If you have any other questions about selling this spring feel free to contact us. Or if you are still in the research phase take a look at our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home which is a great resource to fill in the blanks.


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