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What is Your Next Step in the Selling Process?

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, home prices are on the upswing in the area. This news means that you should be able to generate a decent amount of money for your home. However, if you’re having trouble selling you home in this market, you need to evaluate where you are in the selling process and take the steps necessary to move the sale along. 

Valley Real Estate Deals

Understand Stale Listings

In this market, your house should have sufficient traffic within 30 days after listing. If it does not, then you need to consider why the listing isn’t moving along. Many factors could be involved in the equation including a need for renovations, the wrong listing agent, a price that is too high for the seller and so forth. Focusing on elements that you can change as opposed to ones you cannot, such as the location of the house, can help you to move the property more quickly.

Selling Your Home Basics

Consider Renovations

The next logical step might be to take your house off of the market temporarily and perform necessary renovations. Consider the factors that are or may be keeping buyers away. For example, a broken front gate or a basement floor with severe damage may be enough to prevent buyers from making a bid. Focus your attention on addressing these renovations, and then put your house back up on the market.

Evaluate The Price of The House

To determine if your house is priced correctly, you need to consider both the appraisal and comparisons in the area. Buyers are unlikely to be interested in the house if you are demanding a sum high above what the appraisal value is set at. Also, look at similar houses in your neighborhood. Buyers are probably going to choose a similar house that has a lower price as opposed to your more expensive property. If your house doesn’t gain traction within 30 days, the price may simply be too high.

Determine If Your Agent is Right

An agent can make all of the difference in whether or not you sell your house. The agent absolutely needs to know the area. No one wants to move into an area that has no positive feedback associated with it, so your agent should be demonstrating the selling points of the house whether that is school district, proximity to major roads and so forth. Also, the agent should be giving your house a strong amount of attention in print and online since over 95% of homebuyers are not searching online.

Take The Next Step

After you have determined what the problem is or if multiple issues exist, you need to have the motivation to take action. This step could involve reducing the sale price of your house, choosing an agent who has a better scope of the situation or making the necessary changes to your property to motivate potential buyers to make an offer.

You might feel stressed out that your house is not selling after a lengthy time on the market. However, once you are able to determine the cause of the problem, you’ll be in a better situation to sell. For more information about selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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