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Why We Think Your Home Isn’t Selling

Whether you’ve had your home on the market for a few months with no luck or you’re just starting the home selling process now, you should be aware of issues that can hinder your sale and reduce your chances of a quick close. In today’s blog post we’ll share a few common reasons that home sellers find difficulty in closing out their real estate transaction and how to avoid them.

Why We Think Your Home Isn't Selling

Your Listing And/Or Photos Set a Poor First Impression

Did you know that the vast majority of homebuyers will start their search on a real estate website like this one? Your online property listing is almost always going to be the first impression your home receives and as such it’s vital that it looks outstanding. Your home should be fairly and competitively priced, have professionally-shot photos and sales copy inside of the listing that speaks to the home’s benefits and those of the surrounding community. Browse through our property listings to get an idea of what your competition looks like as you’ll be competing with these homes for buyers’ attention.

Your Home’s Decor is a Bit Dated

If you find that potential buyers are viewing your home but are not submitting offers you’ll want to give some thought to your decor and whether or not your home needs to be refreshed to modernize its appearance. Do you have wallpaper? Strip it off and have the home painted instead. Do you have old laminate counters in the kitchen? Replace them with granite that matches up with your newer stainless-steel appliances.

Guide to Selling Your Home

Your Home is in Dire Need of Major Maintenance

Has your home been neglected in the past few years or is there some major piece of home maintenance that needs to be completed? If your buyers are bailing out during the home inspection process you may want to consider tackling that roof replacement, foundation repair or other task before trying to get your home sold. Very few buyers are interested in buying a home that may end up costing a small fortune in maintenance over the next few years.

Your Home is in a Less-than-desirable Location

It’s obviously not possible to pick your home up and move it to a different community, but if you’re in an area that is seen as undesirable to buyers you may have a bit of work ahead of you. You’ll need to play up the benefits of the neighborhood and how living here presents a lower cost than other areas. You’ll also want to make staging and curb appeal a major emphasis as presenting the right home in the best possible light can sometimes overcome being in the wrong location.

If you’re having a bit of trouble selling your home due to the reasons above or any others, not all hope is lost. Contact the Daniel Montez Real Estate Group today at (480) 269-6060 or send us a quick email on our contact form. We have an experienced team of selling agents that understands how to market homes in the Greater Phoenix area, and we’d be happy to help you sell yours.

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