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Four Bedroom Homes in Western Skies Estates

When you are shopping for a home to purchase, it’s important to take many things into consideration before making the plunge into the market. Many home buyers in the Gilbert, AZ area are wanting to move to accommodate a growing family, and because of this 4 bedroom homes in Western Skies Estates meet their needs perfectly. Four bedroom homes give the family space, to grow as well as providing a space for visiting family and guests. Many families in Western Skies Estates even choose to stay in the community after their children graduate high school and move onto college because of their love for the area.

Having a space for growing kids is important. Studies show that if a child has their own room, it creates a sense of ownership and responsibility. They are able to take ownership of their space, and use it to grow their imagination. Additionally it is a great way for parents to instill good living habits; making sure their child picks up their bedrooms, makes their beds, and being able to retreat to a safe place to reflect on their days. Having a space for your child to work on school work can make the common living spaces less cluttered, and easier to prepare family meals.

Having a larger home usually means having a larger electric bill. Because these homes were built more recently, they most likely will have dual climate control panels allowing you to adjust different zones in the house to accommodate your families living habits. Additionally, these homes will have dual AC units. This allows the units to work more efficiently, and create less stress on a single unit to cool the home in the winter months. We always suggest our clients purchase a Home Warranty plan at closing. With this, you get discounted maintenance visits. Maintaining and tuning your AC Units yearly will ensure your units are running at peak performance, and will also prolong the life of your AC Units.

Western Skies Estates Golf Course provides an excellent activity for all ages. Combined with their Restaurant and Clubhouse, you can really get the country club feel in this community. Combined with the Golf Course, there are so many things to do in Gilbert, AZ that your family will likely have little down time!

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