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Five Bedroom Homes for Sale in Higley Groves

Higley Groves Real EstateCurrently there are 4 five bedroom Listings in Higley Groves. These homes are BIG! Usually two story houses, 5 bedroom homes for sale have space for the whole family. These homes are geared towards larger families who need space, and also offer larger pantries, more kitchen storage space, an upstairs laundry, and bonus loft rooms.

Five bedroom homes in Higley Groves are great for families who are not only already growing, but looking to grow as well. Space is important when growing and being able to give your child their own space is a great thing to be able to do. Having multiple bedrooms comes with multiple closet spaces great for storage, and organization not to mention quiet time for homework, and studying. Homes in Gilbert are always close to a great public school. Higley Groves homes are riding your bike close to Greenfield Elementary School and Greenfiled Junior High School. These schools are top rated, and offer your children a safe place to flourish and learn. Greenfiled Junior High School also has a public pool which offers swim classes and a place for the kids to go during the summer to play and cool off with their friends.

Real Estate in Higley Groves With 5 Bedrooms

It also is an opportunity to create good habits, and good work ethic having the kids clean their rooms, make their beds, and pick up their toys. Usually the laundry room is on the second floor in these homes, making it more convenient to do the laundry and not having to drag it up and down the stairs. Don’t worry about flooding in the laundry room because they have separate drains, and protective basins that the washing machine sits in to prevent the water flowing out of the room.

Sometimes the home is even split to where the master is upstairs, but you get a guest suite down stairs for when you have family visiting. Gilbert Homes for Sale offer tons of amenities, but the Homes in Higley Groves are a step above the rest! You get access to amazing Gilbert Public Schools, great shopping and night life at San Tan Valley Mall, as well as tons of things to do around Gilbert. Living in a safe place and having a plethora of things to keep your family active is important and Higley Groves homes offers it all, so make sure to contact us today so we can start sending you five bedroom home properties in Higley Groves.

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