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Homes For Sale in Higley Groves With a Pool

Higley Groves Real EstateA Home with a pool in Higley Groves is a home everyone wants to be around during the summer! Imagine laying by the pool, with a cold drink in your hand watching the kids play in the water framed by our famous Arizona sunsets! Heaven! Higley Groves Homes for Sale with pools are highly desired because it is a great way to relax, keep the kids entertained during the summer, and if you have a heater, fun during the winter months as well.

Maintenance of a pool can be pretty low, but depending on the age of your filter, and pump energy bills can creep up on you. Right now there are eight homes for sale with pools in Higley Groves. When purchasing a home with a pool, it is important during your home inspection to make sure the inspector inspects the pool pump and equipment to make sure it is running properly and efficiently. This is usually included in the fee, and if any repairs need to be made, your agent can help negotiate that on the Inspection Notice to the sellers.

Real Estate in Higley Groves With a Pool

A great way to protect your pool, pump and equipment after closing is to purchase a home warranty that includes the pool equipment. The home warranty can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, and most only have a $65 service call to come check the equipment. While looking at Higley Groves homes with pools, make sure to see if the home comes with a pool fence as well; especially if you have small children. Pool safety is really important to keep your family safe around water.

Pool gates save lives. If you fall in love with a home that doesn’t have a pool gate around the perimeter of the pool, one can be installed pretty cheaply. Additionally, if the pool doesn’t have a pool fence, take note to see if the sliding glass door leading to the back yard closes and latches shut automatically. In some cities, a pool fence isn’t required because automatically closing doors are installed.

Homes with pools are great for entertaining as well. Having a pool in these homes create a focal point for the back yard, add drama to the landscaping, and seem to cool the back yard down during the summer. Homes with pools in Higley Groves are a hot commodity, and go quickly. If you see one you are interested in call our team right away!

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