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Power Ranch Homes for Sale With a Pool

Higley Groves Real EstateIf you and your family enjoy being outdoors and around water, buying a home in Power Ranch with a pool will be perfect for you! Although there are many community pools in Power Ranch, having a home with a private pool creates a back yard oasis where your family can retreat to on a hot summer day. Private pools are great for hanging out with the family as well as entertaining friends. Currently there are 8 homes for sale with pools in Power Ranch, but putting one in is always an option!

Some people think that owning a pool dramatically increases your energy bill, but with newer technology available that isn’t the case. Running your pump at different times can help with the electric costs as well. Pools are beautiful in your back yard, maintaining your pool is important to keep energy costs low, and to increase the longevity of your pool and pool equipment. They require chemicals to balance out the PH, and to kill bacteria and algae that thrives in our warm climate water. Also, they can get mucked up during Arizona’s dust storm Monsoon Season.

Real Estate in Power Ranch With a Pool

Although requiring some maintenance, homes in Power Ranch with pools are great for active families who like to hang out and relax during the warm months. It also helps keep the kids active during the summer months when it’s hot outside. It is important when purchasing, if you have children in the home, to notice the pool safety features the home is offering. These features include pool fences, and automatically closing sliding glass doors that automatically latch.

It is important to prevent drowning, so these features help keep the kids away from the water when they aren’t being actively watched. The features can be installed pretty easily and cheaply so if the home doesn’t offer it, make sure to do research as to which safety precaution best fits your family’s needs. It is also good when purchasing to take advantage of a home warranty that includes your pool and pool equipment. Most home warranties have a pool rider where for a small service charge a repair person can come out and check on the unit if something isn’t working. Homes in Gilbert with pools are in high demand and tend to move quickly on and off the market. Contact us immediately so we can help you find a home with a pool that best fits your family’s needs!

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