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Higley Groves in Gilbert AZ

Everyone wants to find the perfect neighborhood to live in and to raise a family in. Similarly, each person has their own individual ideas of what makes a neighborhood the ideal place to live. For some, it is the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and all of the adventure that are offered along with it. For others, it involves quick and easy access to a variety of stores for shopping, purchasing groceries and eating out at a variety of restaurants. Most people would agree that access to excellent medical care is essential and anyone with children would likely also agree that access to good schools is a must. Finally, the way the neighborhood looks is usually important to most individuals, although different people place a different level of importance on the appearance of a neighborhood. A few lucky neighborhoods seem to have all these things rolled into one package. Higley Groves in Gilbert, Arizona is one such neighborhood.

Higley Groves in Gilbert AZ


Higley Groves has many amenities. Perhaps most importantly, residents have a variety of medical care available to them. In fact, there are two medical centers within 10-15 minutes of the neighborhood itself. In addition, Higley Groves has many aesthetic amenities, including specially designed lampposts which line the streets as well as groves of trees and beautiful fences. Fortunately, there is a homeowners association in that ensures that each individual who chooses to live there is careful about keeping up the appearance of the community.

Architectural Style

The architectural style in Higley Groves is much like the style that is seen throughout much of the state of Arizona, with widespread southwestern architecture that is present throughout the area. Most of the architecture was partially inspired by the history of the state and surrounding areas, but it also serves a functional purpose. A great deal of the architecture that exists within the neighborhood of Higley Groves is designed to maximize the ability of each structure to withstand the elements that typically exist within the state. These elements can sometimes be harsh and the architecture that is prevalent there reflects that fact.

Family Life

The neighborhood has a lot to offer for anyone who is raising a family. There is access to trails and parks, allowing families to enjoy time spent together. In addition, there are several schools in the area that are part of the public school system. There is an elementary school, a junior high school and a high school that are close to the neighborhood which are all part of the public school system. Other schools are also nearby that are private schools, allowing families to choose the school that best fits their needs.

Things to Do

There are several things to do in the neighborhood of Higley Groves. Individuals and families alike can enjoy spending time at one of two malls that are within a short driving distance to the area, or they may decide to enjoy nature and go on one of the many hiking or biking trails that are present near the neighborhood. There are also trails that are designed specifically for horseback riding.

In closing, the neighborhood of Higley Groves in Gilbert, Arizona truly has something to offer for everyone, regardless of their individual interests. The neighborhood is a thing of beauty, and the benefits of living there only grow once a person finds out more about living in the area.

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