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Western Skies Estates Homes With Pools

When purchasing a home in Gilbert, AZ, it’s important to take our climate into consideration, especially if your family likes to be outdoors. Many home buyers want a private pool to be able to retreat to after work and on weekends during the summer days. Purchasing a home with a pool in Western Skies Estates can worry some home buyer because of the maintenance, and additional costs when it comes to their water and electric bills.

It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of owing a home with a pool. Pool maintenance is not as difficult as some people make it out to be. Even if you don’t want to skim the pool on your day off, there are many local companies that will come once or twice a week, to skim, check chemicals and clean the traps to keep your pool crystal clear and at the right levels year round for a reasonable price. This maintenance can be really important, especially during our Monsoon Season where dust and bacteria can easily take over your pool, turning it into a swamp pond rather than a pool.

If your electric company offers High/Low times this can help save money on maintenance as well. Running the pump off peak hours keeps the electric bill reasonable and actually helps prevent the equipment from the chance of being damaged while being run wile the family is playing in the pool. Most modern pumps require little energy and are efficient in filtering the water from debris and bacteria allowing your water to be sparkling clean and ready for a back yard party at any time.

Pool safety is important to us. Making sure a pool has a working, self closing and latching fence prevents pool drowning. Also, if a home doesn’t have a pool fence, the doors to the outside, must be self closing and latching as well. These features are so important, especially with small children in the home. Researching what preventive measure is right for your family can prevent the loss of life. There are many pool fences that can be installed now, including ones that can be removed when the family is outside playing together in the sun, or during a summer party. Making sure your gates, and doors are in working order is crutial, and we look at them during your home inspection should you choose to purchase a home in Western Skies Estates with a pool.

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